The American dream isn’t what it used to be. The pre-determined “perfect salary” with the family, house, dog and white picket fence are a thing of the past. As time goes on, I noticed myself and many others around me struggling. Not necessarily financially but we all failed to truly enjoy life. We struggled with work/life balance. We struggled with happiness. When I first heard of tiny houses, I knew that would be my solution.

While it may not be for everyone (which is fine!), it’s definitely perfect for me. No longer do I have to chase the high paying salaried positions. I can work wherever I choose and still be happy. Going tiny for me was the potential financial freedom I’ve been seeking over the years. To live a simpler lifestyle where I would be able to travel more and experience life rather than purchasing items I do not need.

I spent 2 years researching everything tiny house related. I researched builders all over the nation, watched countless videos and joined Facebook groups where current tiny house owners posted frequently. I met with quite a few builders, attended tiny house festivals and learned all that I could before signing the dotted line.

I opted to hire a builder as I am not handy, at all. I have all of the ideas but terrible execution. My home is being built by Titan Tiny Homes in South Elgin, IL. It will be delivered in early 2017. It will be a 28′ long, light grey beauty.

Unsure of where “home” is, isn’t a problem for me. I have the ability to relocate without excessive relocation costs. I’ll find my happy place one day! In the meantime, I’ll blog about the building process, moving in and my day to day life in a tiny house on wheels.