The Basics: FAQ’s

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I love Instagram, that is no secret. I love sharing my tiny journey with everyone, but with that comes questions… a lot of them. Let’s cover some of them here, shall we?

Where do you park?
Definitely the most frequently asked question. My tiny house is in a small beach town on the coast of North Carolina in a RV park. I’m not interested in purchasing land any time soon as I do not know where I want to be long term.

How often do you move your house?
I haven’t actually. It was built in Elgin, IL and they transported it down to North Carolina and it’s been in one spot ever since. I cannot tow my house with my car, and hiring a company can get expensive depending on where I’m headed. I plan on staying put for a bit.

Who built your house?
The lovely folks at Titan Tiny Homes up in Elgin, IL.

How much was your home?
Lucky for me, I got in when Titan was running a promo and still a newer company. It was mid-$50,000’s.

Why tiny? Why not a regular house?
I love the idea of being able to take my home where ever I go. I can literally pick up and go, yet still have the familiar comfort of home with me.

I will update this post as I receive more “frequent” questions.

April 11, 2018
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